Tuesday, May 4, 2010

NOT a Book Recommendation: A Matter of Class

Several weeks ago, I picked up a book at our local library for one reason only...I liked the cover.  This is not an altogether uncommon experience for me, and usually I end up reading a book that, while I might otherwise never have picked it up, I end up enjoying.  This volume, by Mary Balogh (whose name was new to me) was a smallish hardcover with a Victorian looking print on the front of it...and, sigh, I'm a sucker for Victorian-era reads. So, ignoring the rather banal title of the book, I grabbed it off the shelf, checked it out, and then didn't get to it until a number of days ago...when it was already overdue.  I was really looking forward to reading it.

I'm sure you've had this experience before but wow, was I  disappointed.  Turns out that, despite the lovely cover, it read like something akin to the Harlequin romances I used to read by flashlight when I was a teenager.  It was kinda Victoria era all right - but frankly nothing like the Pride and Prejudice or Emma I'd secretly been hoping for!  Worse, because I returned it overdue, I even ended up having to pay a bit of money for the pleasure (not) of having read it.  Oh well, I guess I can't expect that every book is going to be a winner!

Shudder...I'm immediately going to move on to a Sarah Waters' book...get that taste out of my mouth!

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  1. I like most types of books but fluffy Harlequin type of romances are a no for me too! Hopefully the book you just started reading will erase the memory of this one!

    you blog book is a cool idea - I knew that Justine had done it but had forgotten about it. I may have to look into that someday.