Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What to Say.

Today marks twenty-three months since our adoption file arrived in Ethiopia, on April 23, 2008.  I actually have little to say on the subject, other than to note its arrival (and passing).  We continue along our journey towards the dreaded two-year mark, now quickly approaching.

I believe in a God of mercy - and I would so welcome the relief of it any day now.


  1. Well Ruth
    all I can say is this is way too long !!!!!
    I am sure you do not need me to type that as you have felt each month creep by.
    Please let these kids who need you find you soon.
    I passed 17 months waiting this month and I am kinda trying not to count anymore ( and I really try and forget the I signed on to Imagine for Ecuador in summer 07 )
    Here's hoping for some news soon. I am ready to celebrate with you !!!!!!!!!!
    Hold strong

  2. hang in there girl. I THINK there were a couple referrals today...so at least there is some movement. darci

  3. I too wish you relief soon, very soon!