Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The First Referral!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sitting here blubbering as I try to write this somewhat coherently.  About an hour ago, I picked up a phone message (thank you Sheldon!!) that encouraged me to check out my email because things were happening on the adoption front.  I ran for my computer and logged on to my email and, sure enough, there was an update from the staff at Imagine.   The part that leapt off the page for me was this sentence:  "We are also very excited to inform you that we have been able to commence the process of referrals once again!"  I think my heart skipped a beat or two...or three.  I quickly logged onto the yahoo forum where so many of us waiting parents congregate every day and my heart went into palpitations when I read the post of one waiting family:  they have received a referral of sibling girls, ages three and ten months!!

It's really happening, was my first thought.  I started to cry, Matthew ran over to ask what was wrong and, when he found out that I was crying because I was happy, he started plying me with questions about that until I finally just gave up and started to laugh...and laugh...and laugh.  Now I'm back to crying.

Finally, finally, it's becoming a reality.  Just a matter of time now...

Just found out - there's been a second referral - a four-year-old girl has been referred to a family waiting in Saskatchewan.  Happy day!!


  1. HI Ruth,
    I am also still in shock. I was a bit slow to get the news as it was a Christmas party time at my children's center.
    Wow we really really really do it !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congrats all across the country
    ok I guess the million dollar question for you Ruth is how far down the sib. list you are compared to Karen.
    Any guesses ?
    lots of love

  2. I know! I know! I have been bawling off and on all afternoon! Can you BELIEVE it? It is amazing! And now on the boards..another referral. yay~!

  3. Oh Ruth, please pinch me - there truly are no words to describe how I am feeling right now. CHEERS CHEERS CHEERS to us and our sweet precious babes.


  4. Cry Laugh Cry.
    That pretty much personified me this afternoon :)

  5. Hey guys - isn't this just the best day???!!!

    Shannon, re: where we're at on the list of waiting families...

    There are a number of families ahead of us (one less as of today!) but we're the first on the list if one of the sibs was male and if at least one was 4 years old. Yikes. I might be sometime soon!!!!!!!

  6. oops sorry ruth, just realized i left my comment from our homeschooling's Darci :) not PAHED earlier.

  7. unbelievable!!!!!!!! I still haven't come down!
    Andrea H.

  8. This is very, very exciting news for all the Imagine families!! So happy for you all! It must be such a relief!