Friday, December 25, 2009

California: Day 6 (Fri)...A Different Kind of Christmas

It's a bit unusual to wake up Christmas morning in a hotel decorations, no tree, no traditional homemade breakfast, only one small gift for each person....  But you know something?  I could get used to this!!  It's been so relaxing.  The only downside to today was waking up in the wee hours of the morning with a nasty cold; I feel rather unwell at the moment.  But we had a pretty relaxed morning - hanging around the hotel, swimming (not me), and so on.  Then, just past noon, we headed towards the San Diego harbour, where we met up with my parents (who flew in yesterday afternoon); the five of us went on a cruise of the harbour and ate a delicious on-board turkey dinner.  It was a great afternoon, and we really enjoyed seeing the city from the water perspective. It was also incredible to see all of the navy ships that lined miles of the harbour front - I believe that this area has the second largest naval base in the U.S..  We're hoping to have a chance to tour the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier tomorrow - it's supposed to be quite something!

That was pretty much our day today.  We are/were still kinda stuffed from our turkey lunch, so we had a bowl of soup for dinner - not just any bowl of soup, however, but a bowl of delicious lobster chowder.  Geoff and Matthew are now taking one last dip in the roof-top pool here at the hotel and then we'll call it an early night tonight...hopefully a good sleep will help my cold.

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