Friday, November 13, 2009

In Full Possession of a Sweet Tooth

Yesterday, I took Matthew on a terrific field trip for homeschoolers, to a local conservation wetland called Oak Hammock Marsh.  The purpose was to learn about owls and bats.  Before heading out to explore the trails and wetlands ourselves, we spent two or three hours with 28 other home educated K-2 kids and their parents.

At one point, the staff person who was leading the workshop informed the kids that owls have two stomachs.  Most of the kids could hardly believe that this was true...but not my kid.  He put up his hand and, when called upon, said that he did believe this to be true about owls because he, too, had two stomachs!  I shrank into my seat a bit, guessing what he was about to say.  Sure enough, when the instructor chuckled and made light of what Matthew had said, my boy responded very earnestly by saying: "no, really, I have two stomachs: one for healthy food and one for dessert - that's why I always have room for dessert!"

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  1. my mother in law believes that too, so it must be true.