Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I should have thought of it weeks ago when I needed an hour of alone time:  The kids are outside laughing their heads off while they wash the van by hand and spray each other with water.

Three for the price of one:  Kids happily occupied; Mama drinking a cup of tea while putting her feet up; van being cleaned.


  1. Awesome- I just discovered that one last week myself (why,oh why did it take me all summer?!!!) Hope you enjoyed your hour :)

  2. Hey Ruth
    If you want to take an even longer break we stumbed upon a version that helped maintain our sanity many times (and will give you at least an extra hour). Let them break up sidewalk chalk and add a little water to it until it looks like a runny paste. The kids can telhen use the colours to create art on the side of your vehicle. Then after the creation is done....let the washing begin! Enjoy every minute of your me time....well deserved my friend!

  3. Clever mama! Those peaceful moments are the best! :)

  4. THanks folks...and Tracey, great idea...I may even have some sidewalk chalk still sitting around!