Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Going to the cottage as a threesome, without my parents or my sister's family, was a novel thing this weekend - something we've never experienced before.  Geoff, Matt and I headed up on Saturday and came home yesterday evening and had a really relaxing weekend together.  I'm not sure why this hasn't happened before, that we'd go to my folks' cottage on our own, but it just hasn't.  And it was really nice.  Now, I say this knowing that there's a chance my folks might read this post...so I hasten to add that I love my parents and respect (for the most part!) how their choices about how they 'do' cottaging.  But it's also refreshing to be there without having to eat meals at regular or scheduled times; to be able to leave the unwashed dishes in the sink without feeling obligated to clean them up; to walk around in our underwear (yeah, I know, TMI); to feel comfortable getting up early without worrying that we (ok, Matthew) will wake up the folks with his noise; to leave the blinds open twenty-four hours a day to enjoy the beautiful lake view whenever (my parents prefer the blinds closed during the day to preserve cool air in the cottage, but, like, the cottage has air conditioning - heck, you can stay cool and enjoy the view - why else have a wall of windows??!!); to let Matthew make a crafty mess all over the kitchen table without Grandma panicking over the calamity that might befall the table or chairs (Mom, I promise...I cleaned up the paint spatters!).  Yes, it was an interesting adventure being there on our own; we'd like to try it again!

Geoff went golfing for a day with my uncle and a cousin; we potlucked at my uncle's and aunt's cottage for dinner one night; we got together with neighbours from the city who also have a cottage on the same lake; we went for walks; did crafts and lego; Geoff and Matt rowed to what we call Treasure Island; I did a bit of writing and some reading (finished a great book by Colum McCann, Let the Great World Spin and started another); and we enjoyed each other's company.

The view from the cottage deck.  You can see some of the Canadian Shield rock that runs through the middle of the property:

A Canada goose who wandered up one morning:

This little fella was just begging for his picture to be taken:

Lego and popcorn...what could be better??

One afternoon, I was about to reprimand Matthew for running into, and through, the cottage with his shoes on, but something about his animated face stopped me from opening my mouth.  Thank goodness.  He ran up to me, handed me the most beautiful little wild viola and said, "Mom, I remember that these are your favourite flowers - I picked this one just for you!"  And he's right - I did tell him (a couple of years ago!!) that these are my favourite wild flower.  Wow - what a lucky mama am I??!!

Yesterday, I woke up from a nap (yes, a nap!!! I never, ever nap!) and found this note sitting beside me...with another of Matthew's little viola flowers sitting atop of it:

I must have woken up when they left the cottage because I ran outside and they were just about to head out in the row boat...off to Treasure Island (not it's real name, but one dubbed so by my family), seen here in the distance, across the bay:

And they're off!

Can you see them approaching Treasure Island?

Yes, it was a good weekend.  I hope you had a good long weekend, too!

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  1. So glad to hear that you had a nice weekend. It sounds relaxing, peaceful, and full of family memory making time. Perfect!