Thursday, August 17, 2017

Picture Highlights of the Past Week or So...

The kids and I have had another great 10 days at the cottage.  Below are some highlights.

My sister, nephew, and niece came out for a few days, and it was a lovely, relaxing time for all.

My three, plus my niece and nephew, went fishing one morning...and they left the cottage before 7:00am!!

The kids, ranging in age from 10-17, had so much fun together...playing games, jousting each other on the hammocks, swimming, fishing, and watching movies in the evening.

(one of my fav boys on the right, my niece and nephew on the left)

Cousins fishing (Matthew on the right)

My sister

Cousins and best buddies...whispering their secrets. :)

As always, the dogs have a blast at the cottage...cute little munchkins! 


Matthew (wearing my Dad's old, ugly hat!) is quickly becoming an expert at gently de-hooking fish...his siblings don't really want this job, so he's getting quite a bit of experience!





And that's it, folks!  Not a single picture of me this week!!  How typical.  I must change this in the days upcoming.

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